Business Support Careers

Business Support Careers

Marketing - Manage the negotiation of all sales contracts, including commercial documentation, contractual compliance, metal balance performance, cash collection, and long-term project cash from revenue as a basis for accounting and finance projection of cash needs.

Corporate Communications - Develop, manage, and execute communication strategies, programs, and editorial content to drive key messages across internal and external audiences. The Corporate Communications Department consists of several sections: Internal Communications, Campaign Strategies, Multimedia Production, and External & Crisis Communications.

Project Development - Plan, develop, and execute major construction projects and programs site-wide, in accordance with international construction, engineering, environmental, and safety standards. The PD Department consists of several sections: Project Engineering, Project Construction, Project Control.

Facility & Services - Manage facilities and services at the mine site to ensure the wellbeing of all employees and business partners. The F&S Department consists of several sections: Operations & Capital Projects, Maintenance Planning, Technical Services (AC & Fire system), Building & Infrastructure Maintenance, Housing & Camp Management, Non-residential Facilities Support, WTP/STP Operations, Catering Services, Travel Agent Services, Activities and Events.

Transport - Manage day-to-day operations of company transportation, including bus, light vehicles, boats, and aviation.

Mobile Fleet Management – Plan and implement strategies for purchasing, maintaining, and servicing all mobile vehicles, heavy mobile equipment, and motor vehicle fleet.

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