Human Resources, IT, and Finance Careers

Human Resources, IT & Finance Careers

Human Resource Department – The HR Department is responsible for the planning of the Company’s recruitment program. This Department also ensures the implementation of HR practices and policies that will develop a high-performance culture, emphasizing empowerment, recognition, productivity, and continuous growth. HR Department also manages employee benefits and develops employee training and development strategies. It consists of several sections, such as Organization and Talent Development, Expatriate Affairs, Employee & Industrial Relations, Compensation Benefit, Recruitment and HRIS & Manpower Planning, and Training.

Information Technology Department – The IT Department is responsible for managing, implementing, and maintaining information and computer technologies. IT Operations Team ensures that all systems, services, and infrastructures work reliably and securely. Meanwhile, the IT Enterprise Resource Planning System & Business Solution ensures the deployment of cost-effective application solutions to meet the business requirements of user departments.

Finance Department – The Finance Department is responsible for forecasting, budgeting, managing tax obligations, reporting, cost control, and financial modeling.

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